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Power of Positive Childhood Experiences

In 2019, JAMA Pediatrics published a study showing the Positive Childhood Experiences have a similar correlation as ACES with long-term health outcomes, however impacting health in a positive manner. 

By intentionally introducing PCE's into a person's life, you give them the necessary tools they need for long-term success, happiness, and resilience. 

While often times we are unable to control the adverse experiences someone is exposed to, parents and caregivers can control most of the positive experiences. PCE's are shown to improve resiliency and reduce the likelihood of depression as an adult. 

What are Positive Childhood Experiences? 

In the study conducted on PCE's, each participant was provided a questionnaire to fill out. The prompt was "Before the age of 18, I was," and each person was asked to respond 'yes' or 'no' to each question.  

Below are some sample questions from the study. 

Image by Eliott Reyna

Able to talk to family about feelings 

Felt a sense of belonging. 

Had at least 2 non-parent adults that took interest in me. 

Felt that I had someone stand by me during difficult times 
Enjoyed participating in community traditions. 

Felt safe and protected by an adult in my home. 

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