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About Us

Huron County TIC Community Partners

"Trauma may be a fact of life, it does not however have to be a life sentence."

~Peter A. Levine 

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What is the Huron County TIC Committee?

Huron County TIC Committee was established in 2020 as a community collaborative to address and reduce the effects of trauma. The TIC Committee is a collaborative partnership between local organizations who are committed to implementing trauma informed care principles and serving the community through a trauma informed perspective.

We understand it is important to recognize that trauma is often an underlying factor that impacts many of the mental health and substance use challenges we see in our community. Combating behavioral health challenges can be difficult due to various barriers related to them, however through additional initiatives such as Trauma Informed Care (TIC), we hope to reduce the prevalence of trauma and increase protective factors for resiliency through awareness, education, and action.

What We D

  • Discuss the trauma informed work each agency is implementing 

  • Share how each partner is recognizing trauma in individual organizations and the community 

  • Share and review new trauma informed initiatives and education 

  • Collaborate to create solutions to decrease the prevalence of trauma and reduce secondary effects of trauma in the community.

  • Create strategies and initiatives to increase resiliency in youth, adults, and families. 

  • Provide free trauma informed care training to local organizations, schools, and individual groups.

Together at the Top

Committee Goals 

  • Increased number of individuals in the community who are trained in Trauma Informed Care.

  • Increased awareness of the impact of trauma, signs and symptoms, and how to respond to someone affected by trauma.

  • Increased prevention efforts to reduce adverse childhood experiences in Huron County.

  • Increased education on positive childhood experiences and resiliency for both youth and adults in an effort to create a healthy community.

  • Increased knowledge of mental health and substance use resources and support in the community.

Meet The TIC Team 

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