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What are the benefits of being trauma informed?

Trauma-informed care acknowledges the need to understand an individual's life experiences in order to deliver effective care, respond with empathy, and has the potential to improve patient/client engagement, treatment adherence, health outcomes, and provider and staff wellness.

Why Is Trauma Informed Care Important?

The most obvious reason is that it offers staff and volunteers the opportunity to develop a sense of empathy, as they begin to identify how trauma has negatively impacted the health and well-being of the people they serve. Moreover, staff and volunteers can begin to identify their own trauma and start to understand how their own struggles are impacting their lives. By understanding their own trauma, they can closely identify with the people they serve.  Trauma-informed care not only benefits patients, it also can have lasting positive effects on the community.

For more information on the benefits of being trauma informed, click below: 

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